How do I change the row height in Grafana Table Panel

I am using Grafana Table Panel to render images from my Postgres database.

The panel shows one image per row. But the images are displayed quite tiny.

How can I change the row high? I looked at the json model but did not find any hint…

Hi again.

According to what i read on some Grafana topics,
Grafana version > 5.0 is no longer permitting to change the height of any images displayed in table panel.

You should try to use a plugin doing this.
I personally use Dynamic Image Panel. But it depends on what you want to do with this pictures.


Hardcode/generate image size explicitly in the rendered img html tag.

What I finally did is, I switched to the Dynamic Image Panel as suggested by drodange.

It has three little drawbacks for me:

  1. It’s not able to scale the images proportionally using just one value. So you have to play a little around (although this is not a big issue).
  2. It does not have a pager like the Table Panel. This might be very useful especially if you want to look at a larger number of images
  3. It seems the Panel does not have any hide/collapse function

For those interested how to make Base64 encoded images visible from a database, go here:

jangaraj’s solution might work, but it would mean that hardcoding it via html/css would probably have side effects on other dashboards.