Table row height

Dear grafana community,

is there any workaround to modify the table’s row height?

I used sanitize html option until Grafana 7 to dispay images in a table with specific height. Thus, the row was automatically widened in height. This still works with the table-old panel, but is there a solution for the new table panel? Displaying fixed size images without html works with “Cell display mode”, but there the row hight can not be set. The displayed images are too small for my use case.

table-old (image through html code with sanitize)

table (image through URL and cell display mode)

The dynamic image panel plugin is no solution for me, since the content should be a table with both, text and image. The workaround could also include CSS or JS modifications.

Thank you very much

:Hi @mapalmu,

Thanks for opening this post.

This seems to be a known issue as already reported on GitHub and is already in the pipeline for next release: