Reduce font size in table panel

We have recently upgraded to Grafana 7.0.3 & are unable to change the font size in Table panel. I’ve read several posts on how disable_sanitize parameter can help including the below links :

But I’m still not sure about the next steps after setting disable_sanitize_html to true. Can someone please share the steps or link to a doc that I may have missed!

Thanks in advance!

@dianapayton Could you please provide some insight here…?

Font size is not an option in the new table panel (yet, we might add a size option)


@torkel Is it possible in the second(old) one?

How can we use Table(old) plugin @torkel ?

Can Anyone please help , if we can use Old Table. What I want is to be able to change the font size of Table element

How can we add size option @torkel

is this a breaking change in 7.x else its very useful feature when there are lot of columns and limited space

Hello, is this feature still unavailable in grafana 8.x?

You can still use the old v6 table panel in Grafana v7. I have not tried Grafana v8 yet but I think you can still do it there too. See here on how to do it: