Different font size in table - my method, any other?

Greetings for everyone!
I want share my method to have bigger font size in table panel.
Tested on table-old version of standard grafana panels.
So basicaly we can configure font size only for whole panel, (and only for INT, DATE in bryan_gann_Datatable).
But we have column styles which containt HTML Sanitize flag. So if we enabled it - we can passthrough some html tags from datasource in values.
So i make some <b></b> and <font></font> tags in my query on MSSQL side and its works as magic.
Second issue - its max font size - you cant configure over 200% size in grafana or font tag.
In this case i use <big></big>

tag - it works great. You can use it multiply time in a row to increase effect.
BTW you also can make some threshhold coloring at this stage)))
Yep - i know that is so dirty method - but at least its something workin…
In case if you know better way please share it with everyone - cause grafana cant make it yet with standard functional.

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That is a very cool workaround @vladvesta!