Change color text in table panel

I’m trying to change the color of the text in my cell table panel, not the color of the cell itself, based on the text I have: Running in green and Stopped in red.

I read:

But since what I’m looking for is a non-constant display, I don’t think I can get what I want by modifying the CSS.

I’ve tried to put an override on Value Mapping:

But it’s not working.

Are there any plans to introduce this option? Any alternative ideas for my problem? I’m open to any suggestion :grinning:!


You can do it :
In the overide 5, add Cell options > Cell Type and choose Colored text
By default all text for this column will be in green except the value defined in the value mapping with color selectionned. (Stopped in red and running in green).
If you have another text in this column, you can change the green color by defaut in changing
the threshold color (base : green change to white).

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