How to change Both the cell background and the text color

Currently, I’m trying to use the threshold to change the color of the background which changes for different range of values. By doing so, all the text color has become white. However, some of the background color is too light for a white colored text, hence how can I change some of the text to black to increase the contrast. I’ve tried overriding it with another override for the text colors. However, when doing so, the background does not follow the previous override for the threshold colors, and instead become white. What can I do?

Hi @angelina

Can you please share some screenshots and tell us what version of Grafana you are using? This is rather difficult to visualize without images…Thanks! :+1:


I have the same question as Angelina, so I am replying here with a screenshot. Hope I am not intruding.

I also wanted change both the cell-color (which I could do with ‘gradient background’) and text-color. But seems either of them is possible, not both. At least I couldn’t. I thought about adding another override for the same column and select Text for one and Background for another. But did not work. If I make the BG colored, then the text becomes ‘white’ by default.

Here is my panel screenshot.

I don’t have any problem with this though. But if the cell color is say yellow, then white Text would be difficult to read.



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Hi all,

I’m not entirely sure if you can modify the font color and cell background color on the table panel to that degree. This might make an excellent feature request, however. Others I’m sure would like to see this:

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