Grafana Time series Dasboard

is this considered is bugs in time series Dashboard and what is the expected solutions?

Hello @moabd :wave:

Could you please elaborate on what did you expect to happen in that time-series graph?

I expect to happen based on the data in time series appears the one line to each query.

Apologies, but I still haven’t grasped the problem. What is the data source and can you share one of your queries?

Elasticsearch data source and the data has pulling from MS SQL.
The data display in data row and I can show it in table graph as shown on the screanshot

I need to display the value in time series dashboard.

once assigned in time series graph the styles is line appears this this ship ( the graph is incorrect based on the data)

opposite use the styles is points ( the graph is correct based on the data)

Is this considered is bugs 7.5.7 Grafana version?

Hi @moabd

Using similar data, I was not able to reproduce this issue in play.grafana (v9.3.2)

In any case, even if it was a bug, it would not be fixed since only last two major Grafana versions are supported. However, If you had this issue in a supported version, we could look into it further.


Thank You for sharing, Please can You recommend for me Grafana Version to upgrade from 7.5.7 direct.

Unfortunately, I can’t advise on what version to upgrade Grafana to, but here are some tips that might be useful:

To help you choose the version, check the breaking changes that come in each major version.

Before proceeding with the upgrade, here are some safe practices from the community you might want to consider.

Best of luck, and feel free to open a new post regarding installation if you have any further questions :+1: