Upgrade Grafana to version 9

I want to upgrade my Grafana up to version 9, but still don’t see any information about how to do it.
There is no corresponding section in the docs - Upgrade Grafana | Grafana documentation
Is writing still in progress? Do we have any ETA?
Or should I look for it somewhere else?

Thank you!

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Hi @mazzybig ,

The link you shared do describe as what steps should one take before upgrading the grafana on the prod (or test) platform. For e.g. it describes as how to make a backup of the database and then also about as how to use the package manager (based on your Linux distribution) to upgrade it.

If this is not what you looking for then please explain further as what you want to see/achieve ?

Previously, I read this document before upgrading my Grafana to know all about what problems may take a place during upgrading. Also, I want to prepare my Grafana instance to upgrade.

Of course, I can read all the release notes and compile by myself all breaking changes and deprecation, but it isn’t easy at all. And don’t guarantee that I haven’t missed something

What is your current grafana installed on?

Now it’s version 8.5.4

sorry, my question was what is it installed on , what operating system? or is it docker or ubuntu or windows?

Oh, my bad
It’s installed on CentOS 8 using yum

assuming this is your production grafana I would recommend you do the following

  • spin up 2 clones of the current live grafana server. #1 as playground/sandbox and #2 as a backup
  • upgrade #1 to v 9 and sort out and document any and all issues
  • either make this clone #1 the now live and upgraded version or take lessons learned on the #1 and apply the upgrade on the live one.
  • if all else fails you still have clone # 2

Upgrades are never easy but planning and documenting and trying things out not on the live server but sandbox is the best practice industry standard way of doing things for anything.

Welcome to big boys/big girls world.

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I have already upgraded my Grafana from 7.x to 8.5.4 many times without any problems. So I don’t need any sandbox.
Just need some information about pitfalls and underwater stones. My topic is of documentation.

ok I see what you mean. there is nothing in the documentation about upgrade to 9.
Why not be a bit adventurous and upgrade it and propose a documentation, be part of the solution.

Hi contributors!

We would also be interested to have some more information about upgrading from earlier versions to version 9. We already tested 9.0.6 but we encountered issues with the datasources. They were not working properly. The issue could be resolved by simple editing the datasources and saving them again. However, it is a bit cumbersom to do so. Furthermore we are a bit worried regarding the alerting rules. They have to work properly, otherwise we are at risk not detecting issues and this can cause downtimes.


Yes, we tried upgrading from 8.3.4 to 9.3.1, and we encountered issues with prometheus datasources. All configured alerts triggered with “DatasourceError”