Time scale being broken

With the latest updates, my time scale has been skewed on all my dashboards.
Could you please provide an advice on how to fix it?

Here is a screenshot. Thanks!

Did you use latest stable Grafana version and time series panel (not old graph panel!) type?

Im using the latest grafana version, but I’m unsure about “time series panel”.
How can I check that? Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Ok, so what’s your Grafana version then, pls?

Grafana v10.3.3 (252761264e)

So make sure you are using Time series panel type:

I haven’t touched these dashboards for a looong time. Some updates must have broken the time scale, since it scaled properly as I well recall.

I checked and all parts of my dashboard have Time Series panel type, but the time/date is broken and does not scale well.
LE: checked different dashboards, all have the same issue with the scale. Downloaded new updated dashboard from the dashboard shared forum and same.

Create that panel from the scratch.

That my friend, is not something I am able to do :smile:
What I have noticed, the time scale looks good only on 1h timeframe.