Giving the Grafana Worldmap Panel some love


Dear Grafana contributors,


We recently had the chance to dedicate some time to the Grafana Worldmap Panel. After adding some options here and there, some of them coming from the community already [1-4] (specifically we aimed at the drill-down feature here, thanks!), the code has been refactored a bit and finally the user interface has been cleaned up and restructured. We hope you like it and will be happy to hear about any thoughts you might have.


While partly written in German, you will get a decent overview about the changes by having a look at the walkthrough (mostly screenshots) at:

TLDR; More of a text-only changelog is available from to reduce reading time.


While we would recommend not to use it in production yet, we are happy about testing and feedback. Please be aware that we primarily use InfluxDB, so we would be especially happy to hear if this still works for people using different data sources.


You can install the plugin right away by first uninstalling the vanilla one like

grafana-cli plugins uninstall grafana-worldmap-panel

and then installing the current development version like

grafana-cli --pluginUrl plugins install grafana-worldmap-panel

In case something breaks, you should be able to switch back the same way but vice versa.


We have been able to integrate these fine contributions from the community. Thanks, @ryft, @fabienpomerol, @dtheb and @leonhardhaas!



Bottom line

We haven’t made a pull request yet to let things settle a bit and to test this more intensive on staging, maybe a few more things will get added over the course of this journey. However, we would like to ask @daniellee, @bergquist or @torkel if you would want to take this in general and what it would take to bring this into mainline.

With kind regards,


As a preview, here are some screenshots of the editor panel, which has been slightly improved and carries a few more options.

Editor screens

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Thanks for putting all this work into the panel. We developed this panel for the WorldPing app and have not prioritized adding new features (over working on core Grafana) so great to see the community chipping in.

All those features look like good additions so I’ll review your changes. And when you feel ready then we can try and get them all into mainline Worldmap.

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