Worldmap with custom JSON endpoint

Hi there,

hope you can bring me into the right direction.
I am using the worldmap panel with an custom JSON endpoint and have that working fine under Grafana Version 5.

The data the endpoint responds in is in a format for table view as array of JSON objects:

key: ‘xx’,
latitude: 31.7956,
longitude: 11.9058,
name: ‘xx’
key: ‘xx’,
latitude: 52.4317,
longitude: 3.5935,
name: ‘xxx’

That does work fine at Grafana 5. Another instance I updated to 6.5 and eventually to v7 as well but it cannot draw the data points. Looking in the chrome console it note unsupported data format and can not convert object.

Any clue what I am missing?

Thanks in advance,

what version do you use?

Curerntly I am using Grafana 7.3.1 and worldmap panel 0.3.2.
Data source is SimpleJson 1.4.1

please use grafana version 5 version 7 has a problem.

Thanks for the headsup melrose.

Is there anything I can do to format the data to make it work, or is there no way except downgrade to v5 again?

Dear @faddi,

while I don’t know if that will help in your specific case, you might be successful with the Worldmap fork we are maintaining at We just published version 0.15.0 including many improvements from the community and our own pen.

We heard from other users that it works fine on Grafana 7.x in general. On this matter, we will also be happy to hear back from you whether this might already resolve the issue you are observing.

With kind regards,