How to create a worldmap on grafana dashboard using JSON datasource

Hi, I’m currently trying to create a world map dashboard which would plot points from a JSON file, although I’m currently having issues getting this up and running. I have tried following documentation out there but have had no luck so far. I have been trying to use the JSON data source with the source URL being a github repository with my JSON file in it and have tried to take the longitude and latitude from the JSON file to use as coordinates for the world map. I have been unsuccessful with this so far. Grafana is pretty new to me so I could be miles off with my attempt for a world map.



Please share one sample json or a github url to the json file

Hi, Countries/Countries.json at main · bentrex/Countries · GitHub there is the link used, it is very basic currently as I am just trying to get it to work first,

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Thank you,

Although is there a way to do this without using Infinity, I’m using grafana on AWS which doesn’t seem to allow me to use infinity as a datasource

Why would it not allow you. it is in accepted list of plugins

Is there any other type if http plugin?

I’m not sure as to why it won’t work, it does appear as a plugin on the plugin tab but won’t allow me to add it as a datasource as can be seen from the screen shot. I’m not entirely sure about other http plugins apologies, but there are the likes of prometheus, influx db, MySQL, not sure if that is what youre asking though.

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you should first install it before using it as a datasource. go to the plugin tab

There is no install option, I’m logged in as an admin and am still unable to install it

Time to read the docu

Hi , so I have now been using athena so query an S3 bucket with the json file in it but I am now struggling to write a query in grafana to select the latitude and longitude from the json file. Thanks

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So infinity plugin does not read files from disk (obvious reasonds) or S3. Does this json file get updated often on the S3 bucket? Does S3 provide a rest api endpoint for files or athena ?