How to export Grafana dashboard with its JSON API datasources together

I would like to export the dashboard with its JSON API data sources as JSON file so that I can pass this file to the deployment team who will be responsible to import into their deployed system in the cloud. For all standard data sources like elasticsearch and prometheus are ok. But the JSON API data sources are showing bad gateway error. I checked the JSON file which does not include the URI for those JSON API data sources. May I know how to do that without manual configuration?

Hi @candrew,

Thanks for opening this post.

You can check where we are using the JSON Infinity Plugin Datasource to monitor the data coming in JSON format via API.

You can check the settings as how we configure it (the only important point is to select the request type PUT/GET correctly as by default it is set to GET even if you are defining a PUT request).

Also, check this page and the JSON Infinity plugin and its website which have v.nice guidelines on how to use it.

I hope this helps :slight_smile: