How to create a dashboard with JSON datasource?

Hi everyone.

I’m asking your help :slight_smile:

This is my first try of grafana and it does look incredible !

I’m trying to create a dashboard with a JSON data-source. So far, I’ve been able to :

  • Install the plugin
  • Add the datasource (at least when I clic « Save & Test » it says « Data source is working » so I guess it’s ok !)

Now I want to display the data on a dashboard.

The URL for my data is the following :

It’s a French government website that provides all rivers water level (I’m living on an island on the Seine river in Paris, so I’m particularly interested when it could rise).

I’d like to get the same kind of result like this :

When I try to add the data source in a Panel, it says « No data ».

I have absolutely no idea what to do from there…

Any help from you would be much MUCH appreciated :slight_smile:

Have you found a solution to integrate ‘Vigicrue’ into Grafana?
I also try to visualize the data of a river but without result.
I believe this may be from the data format.
It seems to me that the API of ‘Vigicrue’ provides GEOJSON and not JSON.
Thank you for your help.

Hi, yes I did, but not directly from Grafana. I’m using my Fibaro HC3 to get the Vigicrue data into an influxdb database, and then from influxdb to Grafana…

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I also use Influxdb but in Home Assistant.
Could you detail the method to feed an Influxdb database with json data from Vigicrue please ? Thank you very much for your help.

Could you indicate your method to integrate Vigicrue into Influxdb.
Thanks a lot.

Toute aide de votre part serait beaucoup BEAUCOUP apprécié: :wink:

Hi guys,

As I said, I’ve used my domotic gateway (Fibaro Home Center 3) to query the data from Vigicrue. This is how I did it :

Then, I’m storing the data to an influxdb database, still with my HC3, and here’s how :

Have fun )

Here is a simple way to get vigicrues data into grafana using Infinity datasource. ( Directly calling the api from grafana. )

yesoreyeram do you know how to install infinity data source on Grafana Labs?

Hi @eyalsofer1 - Now the infinity datasource is available in plugins catalog. you can install from Infinity plugin for Grafana | Grafana Labs

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