How to create a dashboard with JSON files?

Hi everyone.

I’m asking your help :slightly_smiling_face:

I want to download reports from 1000 servers, reports are in JOSN format and display into Grafana dashboard.

Can someone please guide me, How to do it

  1. what is the best db in my scenario?
  2. or we should have a plugin to covert json to influxdb
  3. What grafana suggest in my scenario

I have absolutely no idea what to do it

Any help from you would be much MUCH appreciated

Welcome @tusharjadhav29 to the Grafana forum.

It’s difficult to answer your questions without knowing much about these reports’ data structure. Can you post a few abbreviated examples of a typical report in JSON format? You might not even need to put them into a database, but just use the JSON datasource plugin and view them in Grafana that way.


Can you please post the content of one of these json files?

How often are these files generated? Are they generated manually or through some automated process?

Are they log files from these servers?