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Hi Team,

Is it possible to add link in circle pointer in worldmap panel ?

Can we have any inbuilt option on the map to re-center it showing the location?


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Dear @hemuangel17,

we added some regularly requested features to our fork of Worldmap already. The features you are asking for are called Fit to data and Clickthrough links.

Settings within control/edit screen


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Hi Amotl,

Thanks for your quick response.

I’m using 5.4 beta 1 version . In which worldmap version these functionality is available?


Any chance to upgrade to the most recent Grafana 6 release?

Not now. It will be upgraded during our next release.

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We just installed Grafana Map Panel 0.7.0 on our production instance still running Grafana v5.4.4 and are able to confirm it works, see Luft: LDI / luftdaten.info Karte.

Hi Amotl,

Find the worldmap panel column in 5.4 beta version


Not following, sorry. The improved version of Worldmap is Grafana Map Panel.

Hey Thanks a lot . Can you help in getting the latest grafana map panel plugin zip file?

As outlined within https://community.panodata.org/t/grafana-map-panel/121#setup, you can get the .zip-file at https://packages.hiveeyes.org/grafana/grafana-map-panel/grafana-map-panel-0.7.0.zip or install it like

# Install most recent version side by side
grafana-cli \
  --pluginUrl https://packages.hiveeyes.org/grafana/grafana-map-panel/grafana-map-panel-0.7.0.zip \
  plugins install grafana-map-panel

# Restart Grafana to activate plugin
systemctl restart grafana-server
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