Worldmap Panel: TypeError: o is undefined

I visualized a current position (lat lng) in a Worldmap Panel with Grafana 5.2.2 and WorldmapPanel 0.1.2 and it worked well.
Now I would also like to do it with Grafana 6.7.3 and WorldmapPanel 0.3.2. But I always get the error “TypeError: o is undefined”.
What could cause that?

I update Grafana to 7.0.3 but get the same error.
With a newly restarted grafana-server I can create the panel and visualize a data point.
But when I reload the page the point is dissapeared and the error message “Data error: TypeError: o is undefined” is thrown.

Dear @janna,

you might be successful with the Worldmap fork we are maintaining at We just published version 0.15.0 including many improvements from the community and our own pen.

With kind regards,