What are the restrictions of the free enterprise version (not cloud version)

Everything seems to work fine. I added serveral users, made serveral teams.

Are there any limits? I want to use grafana commercially.

I don’t want the cloud version and want to host it by myself.

Am i allowed to make modifications (editing css files) to change the look?

Thanks in advance

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I am hesitant to try and answer this, because I don’t want to misinform you. If you asked your question here, then I think you will get a more complete answer:

I would say there is no “free enterprise version”. Yes, enterprise version is public (e.g. anyone can download docker image), but you need to have a valid license to have active enterprise features (e.g. access to enterprise plugins). So enteprise version without licence is more less the same as OSS version. I don’t see a point to have enterprise version without valid licence.

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