Grafana Enterprise Free License capabilities

Hi I have a self hosted Grafana Enterprise On-Prem instance.
I want to customize th login screen with custom logo and links. I tried the Environmentel Variables approach (the grafana instance runs in a docker), but it did not take effect.

Is there some restrictions on the Free Licensed Grafan Enterprise ?
How much is a licence for a self hosted one, because i only find fees for the cloud option.

Never heard of this version of grafana. Can you please point out where this is?

Free licensed sounds odd

Hi @birozsolt93

The best way to get correct information would be to contact the Grafana Enterprise team by using this link and ask your question there.

The grafana you self host. For example we have a docker image of Grafana Enterprise wich you can download from the Grafana website and run it in either docker, windows or linux servers. It will be a free and unlicensed version of grafana enterprise. My question is that how much is a self hosted license.


Thanks i contactad them, we shall see.

Grafana Enterprise can be installed instead of the OSS (self hosted) they are basically the same just the Enterprise version can unlock the locked features whenever you add a license.

@birozsolt93 BTW, you are correct customization is a feature of Grafana Enterprise license… and I don’t have idea of the cost, but I bet you it’s kind of expensive