Grafana/grafana image vs others

what is difference between grafana/grafana docker image versus
Grafana Enterprise: grafana/grafana-enterprise
Grafana Open Source: grafana/grafana-oss
as this is not in documentation

this is what chatgpt reply

  1. grafana/grafana:
  • This is the most commonly used Docker image for Grafana.
  • It’s based on the open-source version of Grafana but includes features that facilitate integrations with some of the Grafana plugins available in their marketplace.
  • This version may contain some non-open-source components, mainly for the added plugins.
  1. grafana/grafana-enterprise:
  • Grafana Enterprise is the commercial version of Grafana.
  • It includes all the features of the open-source version and adds enterprise features such as enhanced authentication, data source permissions, and enterprise plugins.
  • Enterprise plugins include advanced capabilities for data sources like Splunk, ServiceNow, New Relic, DataDog, and others.
  • Support and training are also available for Grafana Enterprise users.
  • Grafana Enterprise requires a paid license after a trial period.
  1. grafana/grafana-oss:
  • This is a purely open-source version of Grafana.
  • It doesn’t contain any of the enterprise features or the additional plugins that are integrated into the grafana/grafana image.
  • It’s meant for users who want to strictly adhere to open-source components without any proprietary additions.
  • This version is free to use without any licensing restrictions, but it may lack some features and integrations compared to the other versions.

When deciding on which image to use, consider your specific needs. If you’re looking for a purely open-source solution, go for grafana/grafana-oss. If you need additional plugins and integrations but don’t want to pay for an enterprise license, grafana/grafana is suitable. However, for businesses or larger teams that require advanced features, support, and additional integrations, grafana/grafana-enterprise would be the best choice, but remember it comes at a cost after the trial period.