Grafana Communnity White Labeling

Hi Guys! How are you?
Straigth to the point, I’m new in Grafana, already was able to make a docker compose with all I need running.

Both I and customers will use Grafana, but white labeling is only for my business name. To clarify, it would be nice to label Grafana with my business name to give a more professional look.

An important detail, I plan to use several devices running Grafana (for example, several on-premise on client, and my cloud on Internet). Reason: very bad Internet connections! So this way customer is able to see his metrics on site even if no internet connection available.

I’m looking just for the labeling option, no need of enterprise plugins or anything else as I’ll be looking into some basic metrics. Of course, link mentioning grafana and more will be kept.

Going to Grafana Enterprise is way too expensive and over skilled solution.

Are there any way to do this?

Thanks you!

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EDIT: I have already had conversations with the Grafana sales team to see an alternative that only allows relabeling, without reaching any agreement. It is either the community version or the enterprise version.

Hi there @brunogondell,

I believe Grafana’s white-labelling is an enterprise-only feature.

Yes, it’s true. But as it’s Open Source, maybe there’s some way to be able to do a re-labeling.

@brunogondell, sure, you can change the source and edit the branding to whatever you need without paying for Enterprise. I’m not sure of your exact situation (and nobody except an IP lawyer would be able to give you exact advice here), but you can potentially achieve compliance with Grafana’s AGPL license by open-sourcing your modifications.

Finally, IIRC, according to Grafana’s trademark policy, any modified version of Grafana that you’re running (I.e. something that isn’t actually Grafana) cannot in fact include any Grafana branding or any mentions of the name. So your white labeling wound need to be pretty comprehensive.

I see. Now we’re on the legal side. I believe Grafana 7 and Grafana 8 have different licenses, right? Of course I’m looking for a legal way to do all this, even if that means to downgrade to Grafana 7 as a solution (not the best one, but the only).

this blog post has a lot of links and is a great place to get some official answers about the license change:

Thanks Matt! I just read the Q&A, is clarifying at some point.
But I still think that the jump from community version to enterprise version is way too big and over-dimensioned for many needs/people.
Let’s see how it continues.

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