Question: "Lite" white labeling allowed with OSS Grafana?

This is a question about project policy and licensing.

I’m aware that white labeling is a feature of Grafana Enterprise and no method of white labeling is officially exposed by the OSS version of Grafana. That said, it’s easy enough to swap in a custom logo and favicon (with the same dimensions as the originals) if you’re building a custom Docker image derived from an official Grafana image.

My real question is whether your license and/or policy consider than an acceptable practice.

For context, I ask with no intentions of obscuring the Grafana brand. All my team really wants to do is provide a metrics dashboard extension to our own OSS product (Brigade v2, which is a CNCF project) and visually tie it back into our product through our own logo. We would NOT be replacing any textual instance of the word “Grafana” or removing any copyright or other attribution.

This may sound surprising, but my understanding is as follows: the moment you alter Grafana in any way, you may no longer us the Grafana name and logo anywhere. See Is it possible to use unmodified Grafana in our commercial cloud platform? which I believe is still correct. Also Trademark Policy | Grafana Labs.

So you should certainly be able to white label in the way you describe (subject to AGPL license requirements, assuming you’re using v8), but if you do that you’re no longer allowed to call the service “Grafana”.

svetb, thanks for the reply.

This seems to answer the question of when the logo may be used.

I’m more or less asking the opposite. I’m looking to find the permissible circumstances for not using their logo.

I don’t think I can consider an answer to this question definitive unless it comes from someone employed by Grafana Labs.

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