Is it possible to use unmodified Grafana in our commercial cloud platform?


I think that this question could be interesting for many startups and companies that want to use Grafana in their commercials systems and it can reduce the number of individual similar questions.

I am developing a new cloud IoT platform (time-series database + visualization tool) (startup). First of all, we wanted to implement our own visualization tool, but we realized that your Grafana has met all our requirements and we also love your great product. You decided for the Apache License 2.0 that is OK for our commercial use (SaaS) and I have a question related to your Trademark policy. For our use-case we can use your Grafana as it is (we do not need any modifications) and we see two options:

  1. Integrate Grafana as it is to our platform and ask you for the approval that you are OK with this:

“Grafana Logos and Badges may not be placed in areas of your website that are password protected.”

  1. Remove all Grafana logos and word marks from the GUI.

Which one is better for you? I prefer option one because I think that it is a free advertisement for you and it can little bit help you.

In other words: Do we have to remove Grafana logo and Grafana word mark if we release our commercial product that contains your original Grafana (NOT modified)?

Thank you for your answer.

As long as you provide an unmodified Grafana version you can call it Grafana. But the moment you modify you can no longer call it Grafana or use our logos

Thank you very much for the clear answer. In our case unmodified Grafana is OK and your Grafana will be part of our IoT cloud platform (the website that is password protected). Do we need your approval that your logo that is in unmodified Grafana will be in our password protected website? I am asking because of this sentence:

“Grafana Logos and Badges may not be placed in areas of your website that are password protected.”

Any update on this policy?