Grafana for commercial use

Dear All,

I have a doubts and some questions, please clarify me because I want to makes
things in legal conditions.
I have read the “Terms of service” and “Trademark policy” but still didn’t answer this question I have. So here’s the thing:

I am trying to build a small business which provides Information management system to a specific company, I want to use Grafana as our front-end due to the fact that it has a lot of plugins. My question is this legal ? I mean we are going to use grafana for specific company and that company will pay for our services? It is like they are paying for the services we provided for them.

Please clarify me in this. Since this is just start-up budget is limited for grafana enterprise.

Thank you.


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Have you tried ?

Grafana licensed under the Apache licence 2.0

In summary that means you are granted the following permissions:

  • Commercial use
  • Modification
  • Distribution
  • Patent use
  • Private use

For more details, see the link above.



Thank you my friend! Highly appreciated it.


In addition to Apache 2.0 (which is as permissive as @pooh stated :point_up_2: ) the word Grafana itself and some of the logos associated with Grafana are covered by trademarks which means that you’re not allowed to use those commercially without complying to the trademark policy (linked below)

There’s an email address listed in the trademark policy for contacting Grafana Labs, I’d highly recommend you reach out to that one explaining what you’re doing and how you’re integrating it with your product. That will allow you to both get a sense of what you have to do to comply with the trademark policy and establish a contact with Grafana Labs :slight_smile:

Hello Friend! thank you for your suggestions. Will definitely contact them onceeverything is okay
on my side. As far as my research here in community, I found out that you can actually change Logos, Titles etc in Grafana so that you may avoid any legal issues regarding the their policies. Is my understanding correct?

Again, thank you very much !


Your understanding aligns with my understanding, but it’s not my place to answer that question definitively :slight_smile:

thank you, appreciated all your suggestions :slight_smile:

Just wondering how the recent licensing changes from Apache to AGPL affect the commercial use of Grafana. Can we still use unmodified Grafana as the visualisation component of our commercial service?

  1. I am not a lawyer.

  2. If you do not modify open source code (including that distributed under
    AGPLv3) then you can do whatever you want with it.

  3. If you are using Grafana as a visualisation component of a commercial
    service then it does not sound as though you are even supplying Grafana itself
    to your customers - they are merely interacting with it, running on your
    machines. This is perfectly fine under AGPLv3.

  4. I am not a lawyer. If in doubt, consult one.