Commercial use of unmodified Grafana and trademark removing needed when forking

Hello everyone,

I’m running a small software business and thinking of using Grafana as a part of my commercial product.
Grafana’s source code license is Apache2, so it allows me to use as-it-is or fork, however the Grafana trademark policy is a bit unclear.

Is it possible to use unmodified Grafana as a part of commercial product?

Also, I do have no need to hide Grafana from my perspective, but based on the trademark policy how many Grafana logos/wordmarks should be removed if we fork Grafana?
Removing all of them from the GUI is enough?

I’m asking this because I want to add my branding headers on Grafana by forking as well as contribute Grafana’s development by sending bug fixes and improvements I found using Grafana in my product.
It’s unrealistic to keep tracking original Grafana after removing all “Grafana” word from the source code.

Thanks in advance