How many do we have to remove Grafana trademarks?

Hello, Grafana folks,

We are considering to release a product that Grafana is a part of. (Grafana could be pre-requisite or bundled)
Then how many do we have to remove Grafana trademarks, such as icons or logos in Grafana UI?

  • How about Grafana icon in the login screen?
  • How about Grafana logo below the Grafana icon in the login screen?
  • How about Grafana text with version at the bottom of the login screen?
  • How about Grafana logo at the top in the side bar?
  • How about Grafana logo and text related to plug-in. Do we need to remove Grafana text in the plug-ins even if Grafana Labs provides those?
  • How about Grafana logo in the TestData Datasource?
  • How about Grafana logo during loading UI?
  • How about the link to Grafana plug-in sites and help?

And is there any chance without removing Grafana trademarks?
Is there any alternative way to leave them, such as in a contraction or agreement?


You are free to use and modify grafana per the open source Apache license that it is provided under.

However, If you redistribute a modified grafana, you cannot use ANY of the grafana marks without a commercial license. In addition, you may not refer to your modified version as “grafana”. In short, yes, you have to remove every occurrence.

To learn more about commercial license options please email

A commercial license provides many other benefits beyond the right to use our trademarks.

Thank you very much for a quick response.

I would like to make sure that if we don’t modify Grafana, which I mean we use original Grafana, can we re-distribute it with our commercial product?
And I also would like to know whether or not it is applied for both commercial license and enterprise.
Further questions, I will send a email to

The reason why I am asking this is Grafana Trademark policy.
Based on this policy, it seems that we have to remove Grafana Trademark if we release our commercial product which including Grafana, even though we don’t want to modify Grafana itself.

And one more question.
Assuming we use original Grafana, can we use Grafana service name, such as “systemctl start grafana”?

Thank you.

Seems cheeky to me, to be asking for technical support on how to avoid having to pay for something your commercial product depends - and, I guess, makes money from.

The developers who made Grafana possible put in A LOT of unpaid work, believing or trusting that if they did right by the community, the community would do right by them. Now’s the time for you to uphold your end of that bargain. Or write your own version of Grafana from scratch, just like the Grafana developers did.

Thank you for the response,
I will send an email asking about a commercial license and support contact.