Grafana Enterprise white labelling for on-prem deployments

Hello, I am trying to do an on-premises deployment of my Grafana dashboard at a customer’s site. The customer has 0 internet access due to the sensitive nature of the industry, so I will be deploying everything in Docker on-site.

I am wondering how Grafana Enterprise’s white labelling would work. Currently, when the customer goes to localhost:3000 to access the dashboard, they see Welcome to Grafana, etc. How can I white label and completely change this page using Grafana Enterprise?

Would I be using a different image when building my Grafana container?

Would this new Grafana image contain additional configuration files that allow me to white label everything?

I think that the folks over at Grafana Enterprise can answer this best. They deal with these types of on-prem and white-labelling situations a lot.