Changing Grafana enterprise branding in docker


I am trying to edit the branding with grafana enterprise using a docker container. Instead of trying to change the app title, login title, login subtitle in the custom.ini or grafana.ini files I am trying to use env variables like it says at the bottom of onfigure custom branding and using environment variables

The problem is I run the docker container with the env variables as shown in such pages, I can see the env variables existing inside the container (using printenv) but the login screen does not change in any way, I tried also editing the ini file inside the container but it does not change anything.

My docker command:

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 --name=grafana -e "GF_WHITE_LABELING_LOGIN_TITLE=NewTitle" -e "GF_WHITE_LABELING_APP_TITLE=NewTitle" -e "GF_WHITE_LABELING_LOGIN_SUBTITLE=NewSubtitle"  grafana/grafana-enterprise

Docker env variables:

Could someone help me?
Am I doing something wrong?

You need valid licence fir Grafana Enteprise, otherwise it’s only OSS version.