Change Grafana AppTitle and LoginTitle (version 9.1.6) OSS

I would like to change the AppTitle and LoginTitle on the log in screen for my Grafana OSS version 9.1.6. I have successfully changed the grafana_icon.cvg and fav32.png within my docker-compose.yml file. I would like to now change AppTitle from Grafana and LoginTitle of ‘Welcome to Grafana’. I have tried to overrwite the js files in /usr/share/public/build and the index.html file in /usr/share/public/views but it does not work. I refreshed my Grafana instance and it shows the changes for a brief second but then goes back to Grafana as the AppTitle. Obviously it is reading my changes because I see them for a second, but they do not remain.

-What am I doing wrong?
-Is there a reason my changes are being overwritten by the default?