Two different formatted y-axis


I’m fighting with how to display two different y-axis, one with positive/negative values and the other with only positive values. Both should have their 0 point in the center:

the green line (right y-axis) is the SOC of my battery and can of course only between 0 and 100%. One solution could be to hide the negative values, but then the 0 of the left y-axis doesn’t fit anymore with right one…

Is it understandable what I want to achieve? Not that easy to explain (especially in English on top) :wink:


Hi @gsmbee,
You already did the best you could on picture 2. Only thing I would change is that you could use Soft Min=0 instead of Min=-3.5 for left y-axis. That way you would get smaller empty space in negative range but you will still see all negative values (if they exist).

Here is a brief explanation of difference between Soft Min/Max and Min/Max:


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Hi Idrascic,

thanks for your answer!
Does this mean that what I want to have is not possible?

Goal is still to have the left and right y-axis 0 value on the same horizontal position:

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Maybe you can change back from Soft Min to Min=-3.5 for left axis and set Min=-100 for right axis?

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thanks again!

I played a lot with min/max, soft min/max, centered zero, etc. and this is best (in my eyes) what I can achieve:

still the negative values for the SOC makes no sense, but hey it is how it is :wink:


@gsmbee if you’re using grafana 9.1+ there is a new setting that might help you or others accomplish this easier in the future. You might still have to play with soft min/max if you’re using different units.

Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 3.39.20 PM

I just saw here that you found the centered zero setting :smiley: