Neutral Gauge - Zero at 12 O'clock

Imagine, if you wil, a Guage that has a needle that points straight up, with a value of 0. To the left, you have negative voltage up to -5. To the right, positive voltage, also up to 5. The neutral position of this gauage is zero. Any deviation from 0, will be either a positive or negative number.

How do Imake a gauge in Grafana perform in this manner. The guges here all seem to start on the left side, and start at zero.

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I need this feature too. Example: I’d like do visualize my solar facility. The battery storage has a current power range from -2.5 kW (discharging) to 2.5 kW.
Did you manage to solve this somehow? If not, how could we make a feature request?


set your min and max values to -2.5kw and 2.5kw respectivly. this will put 0 in the 12 o’clock position.

If you want to show peaks past 2.5kw in either direction, then increase min/max accordingly.

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Ok, let me illustrate with pictures what I mean:
Gauge as it is with min -2.5, max: 2.5:

The 0 is at 12 o’clock, but the bar starts as -2.5.

Gauge as I would like to see it:

0 is at 12 o clock and the bar starts also there.