Zero-centered gauge

Hi folks,

I’ve been tring for a while not to get a zero-centered gauge but cannot find one.

I have solar panels on my roof and use Grafana to show the generation v. house-usage v. grid-usage.
Like such:

I am trying to combind all those, or at least a new one, where it shows a zero-centered gauge where it shows the net usage (getting the data to show -100-0-100 is not a problem)

Is there a way I can coax the gauge panel to do this?
In the example below I would like the vertical to show zero and the green bar would start there, arc left to 50. Not start at -100 and head right to 50.

Now, if I could colour that too :smiley:

Happy to try ideas and, if needed, write own code / plugin if I can get some guidence.



Could you nobody suggest anything?