F.A.Q. - Feature requests as GitHub Discussions

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be moving all new feature requests to GitHub Discussions as noted both on the forums here and on GitHub. As Grafana’s community of users and contributors has grown, it’s become imperative that we improve how we engage in feature discovery, development and delivery.

This will be a living F.A.Q. to address questions and process modifications as we roll out this change. Please read the notice if you haven’t.


Q. How do I make a feature request?

Create a discussion and outline your use case. Where possible, we ask that you focus on the problem you’d like to solve and why it’s a problem rather than focusing on the solution itself.

Q. How do I know the status of a feature request?

With the move to GitHub Discussions that’s more straightforward. We will convert discussions, or specific posts in a discussion, to GitHub issues when we commit to building those changes or are helping a community member contribute their own changes. The actual status of any feature to which we’ve committed to build will be conveyed by links to any projects or milestones.

Q. Do I need to link my PR to a GH Discussion?

Ideally, most noteworthy changes will have been discussed before a PR is drafted. Referring to a discussion about the problem and possible solutions is a great starting point. If a significant change doesn’t have a discussion to point to, we would recommend starting one first.

Q. What’s a significant change?

Anything that adds new features or functionality and which requires consideration on how it fits into the whole of Grafana we’d consider significant. Many smaller contributions fall outside this scope, and for others it’s unclear. When in doubt, start a discussion, even if you’re paring it with a draft PR.

Q. Can I ask my question in GH Discussion instead of the community forum?

We’ll be redirecting questions to our community forum here, if they’re made on GitHub Discussions.

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