Grafana Feature Requests are moving to GitHub Discussions

Beginning July 20th, feature requests for Grafana will start as GitHub Discussions.

Today, when feature requests are added to our GitHub issue list they begin to take on a status of “someday maybe” if they aren’t closed. This creates confusion for everyone.

Our primary goal is to clean up our issue list. Moving forward we intend for the GitHub Issues list to be used for tracking bugs and documenting features which we intend to build.

Ultimately, we want to get better at saying “yes”,“not now”, and “no” much more clearly. We believe that knowing an answer is better than not knowing it, even if the answer might not be what you want to hear. Moving ideas about Grafana’s future direction to Discussions also gives us an opportunity to engage more opportunistically in discovery without creating an expectation that engagement creates an acceptance of an idea as something we intend to do.

Conversely, when we do intend to commit to building a feature that’s been under discussion we’ll create a GitHub issue referencing the discussion. This will signal a feature’s place on our roadmap.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be converting a selection of open feature requests to discussions, and closing many more.

We have created a FAQ to help with any questions you may have. We will update the F.A.Q. with additional questions from this forum and GitHub over the course of the changeover.

Note: This post is locked as it’s been cross-posted to Grafana Support. Feel free to discuss the change there.