Dual Y axes different only by an offset

I have two electrical meter readouts (one for consumption, one for production). Both are in kWh, but they count completely independent on each other, of course. My goal is to display the counters’ values in the time range given, with both curves starting from the same y coordinate and scaled identically, so I can compare consumption and production.

For example, the consumption counter goes from 11000 kWh to 11020 kWh and the production counter from 100 kWh to 105 kWh. Of course both counters can only increment over time. With the usual autorange settings and each curve on its own y axis, both curves would therefore start from the lower left and end in the upper right, but that would be misleading because production is only a quarter of the consumption delta (20 kWh vs. 5 kWh). (see screenshot, other values)

Any ideas how I could achieve this? Is it even possible in Grafana?