Multiple Y Axis?

Grafana 8, how to add multiple Y axis and name reach axis so the names are correct in the legend and when over?

I see chit-chat about it but no way to configure it?

i had the same Problem!
My way i had a panel from grafana v7 which i copy / paste it and then i changed all parts. But of course Grafana should show a more professional way

have a nice day

what do you mean no way to configure?

did you try the chit chat?


Thank you…I can see the configuration options now under override. Each Y axis I want to add has it’s own range of values. For example one Y axis will as high as 100k, while another Y axis will never be greater than 1.

Which options displays each Y axis with it’s own scale? I tried toggling linear and logarithmic, base 2 and base 10, but all Y axis are displayed on the same scale. Only the 40k line shows, the others that are less than 1 are not visible other than a straight line.

To help be more clear…image a stock price… $100s of dollars and a ratio metric that oscillates between 0 and 1. I want to overlay the two (and more than two).

I think I have it now…using percent .0 to 1 for the ratio values seems to be working.

Thank you!

I assume:
metric 1 (the one with Y axis as high as 100k)
metric 2 (the one with Y axis as high as 1)
have different unit.

if yes, you can use 2 different Standard Options: Unit for each of them
then grafana will automatically create a range according to your data

example of standard options:unit
*where I literally type ‘Tarps’ in the textbox because my unit is not a in the list

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