Multi Y Axis Scale

Grafana 8. I have a time series panel with multiple Y axis.

Is there a way to adjust the scale of a single Y axis without affecting the others?

grafana provide override options for axis - scale: linear and logarithmic
since you already have multiple Y axis, they shouldnt interfere with each other if you override the axis scale
have a play at this sample

I couldnt find a way to overwrite the scale manually (to input our own number)
but I never have any trouble using Linear option

Thanks for responding! Those features don’t quite do it.

One Y axis is 0 to $35k, the other Y axis is .6 to 3.4.

I don’t want the .6 to 3.4 Y axis to spread over the entire height of the panel. I want it to compress without compressing the other Y axis.

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