Multiple Measurements on single right Y-axis


I Am new to Grafana 8.x
previous version it was easy to use 2 y axises (but you were limited to only 2)

but now I am having an problem:

as you can see I have 4 ‘measurements’
2 of those needs to be on the left axis, and the other 2 needs to be on the right axis.
but I dont need 2 different right Y axises… I want only one right one for both measurments… how can i solve this?


Disclaimer: I can’t see the image you posted with your comment.

I don’t understand what you’re saying - do you want two Y axes or one?

You say that you want 2 measurements on the left axis, and the other 2
measurements on the right axis. A left axis and a right axis equals two axes.

So, you have two Y axes.

What am I missing?


Thanks for the reply,

The problem I have is that I am having 2 right Y-axis now…
so now I have 1 Left Y-axis (used for 2 measurements)
and i have 2 right Y-axis (1 Yaxis for each meausrement that should be displayed on the right Y-axis)
instead of 2 Right Axis, it should be only 1 Right Y-axis (used for both my measurements displayed on the right Y- Axis)

here is another link to the image:

Ah, now I see what you mean. Someone else will need to answer this, because
it’s clearly a result of the new graph panel in Grafana 8 (as you say, this
used to work as you wanted it in Grafana 7), and I’m not up to speed on that

I think the clarification will help someone (hopefully) point at what you can


I was wondering if someone did find a solution for this problem?


@thomasdc So you want 1 right axis but you have 2 measurements for right axis. speed sp auto, speed sp manual.

do you want both of them? do you want them combined?

What would the visual look like when it does what you want to do. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply!

that is correct, I have 2 (or more) measurements for right axis (Speed SP Auto / Speed SP Manual in this case)
I want both of them.
but now i have 2 times the Y axis, I only want 1

it should look something like this:

link to image: Grafana1 RIght Yaxis — Postimages

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@thomasdc , have you found a solution?
I am trying to do the same.

Take care

you have to make sure that all the ‘Overides’ you selected for the measurments that you placed on the right axes are the same… so for all your measurements on the right axis, you need to create all the overides you need and put everything on the same value (min, max, placement, unit, …)

Yes, that works but have you found a way to make it work with auto-scaling enabled?
I would like to make 2 measurements share the same axis scale or link their axis scales so they change together.