On a graph, right Y scale without values (left works fine)

I saw in the internet examples/pages, that it is possible to use two different units in one graph.
Left Y can show (i.e.) km/h, and in same graph on the right there can (or: should) be a range with water consumption (Liter/hour).
In my tries I see the label from the right graph (“Liter”), but no number (should be from 0 to ~900).
(On the left always fine: Label and values are shown).

I also create anew dashboard, switch the liters to the left and the kw/h to right:
Right did now show “km/h”, but also no values.
On the left units the values are shown correctly every time.

See example.

Any hints whats going wrong? Config mistake on my side
À Bug?
I have installed 5.4.3 armhf on a Raspberry. Grafana was also restarted.

I am using the same version with the same problem.

Things set to show on the right axis don’t show there. I am unable to get the scale to show on the right. In fact I think as soon as I move something to the right axis the chart stops responding to any change, even a different range.

Let me know what other information would be helpful to troubleshoot.

Is there a place to report this issue “official” ?

But also I know from another guy, he update from 5.4.2 to 5.4.3 and has no problem …

Hmm, just find this thread on Github but not shure if this a “solution” for me, because in my understanding I use a series for the right graph …

You need to assign a series to the right y axis , it will not be rendered if there are no series assigned to it, you can assign it to right y axis by clicking on series color icon

“… clicking on series icon” ?
Where? What? A solution for “our” issue here? Unclear …

This isn’t the same issue. I saw this and tried it before coming here.

As soon as I assign a series to the right axis things become unresponsive. For example, I can no longer change the color of that series until I change it back to the left axis.

What I see when I move over the graph, it shows me for both “KWh”.
Correct should be “KWh” (green) and “Liter” (yellow).
In the axes there is for the left “Watt-hour (wh)”, and for the right axes “Litre (L)”

But why is “L” not shown in the Popup(s) ?
(so maby ethe reason for the missing units in the grapg is caused by this issue, because if Grafana “think”: Both lines contains WKh valies …)

In the Influxdb there are only numbers stored, without any unit!

Do I only over see some basic setting to use a second unit in the graph ?
On Github they test it and close the request, because they test it and it generally seems to works

To move it to the right(secondary axis) you are supposed to click the color of the series in the legend. In the attached image I clicked the green line to the left of /8266temps

Then you can see where it is possible to click Left or Right. As soon as I click Right I am not able to make other changes to the chart. Something seems to go wrong and everything gets stuck.


Oh yes, thats the trick.

Sound tricky,or? Because the option “Right Y” contains 6 lines but no hint that it’s needed to click on the line and select a acolor …


Did it actually work for you? Mine I can pick Right, but it never activates the right axis or plots anything against it.

This is what my axis config looks like

Yes, when I pick a color for the right Y axes I get the values on right graph.