"Time Range" missing?

Hi all, hopefully something really dumb… I’m trying to get different time ranges for different graph panels on a single dashboard. I’m sure I’m missing something obvious, According to the docs, I should see this:

However, what I actually see is this:

in the queries tab, at the end

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Got it, thanks. Is there any other docs I should be following?

No, there is not, the images of the documentation must be updated, but it is not a process as simple as the others.

can you guide me because I am still lost :slight_smile:

Hello mouthpiec!
You can find more information/guidance here:


thanks … sorted :slight_smile:

How did you solve it? I can find only “Min time interval”, “Relative time” and “Time shift” at the bottom of queries tab.2019-10-10%2013_41_29

update relative time value. For example if you need a graph showing the last week, update relative time to 1w

Ok, thanks. I was expecting to be able to set a custom range.

Is there an option to update relative time not backward but forward? Make “time shift” +10h. So far it always makes “time shift” to -10h