Panel Time Range overrides in Grafana 6?

I’m using Grafana v6.3.3 (commit: 84d0a71) via the official Docker image.

How do I create a Time Range override for one panel in a dashboard?

In Kibana, I can do in within the query, like foo: bar AND @timestamp > now-5m. A query like this in Grafana will always return 0 documents. Is there an equivalent to this query?

In the documentation there is a section named Panel time overrides & timeshift, but it looks nothing like my version of Grafana, and I’m not able to locate the Time Range tab. Compare with mine:

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I want to know too.

I can not use a fixed timestamp in a panel

Hello khallela, you can override time range for panel trough Relative time and/or Time Shift input that is located below the queries. See below my example on how to set relative time range to Last 1 month.

But remember, in Grafana, you can only override the dashboard time with relative time ranges. Absolute time ranges are not available.

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I’m trying to do something similar, only different is I want to show time in the future.
When I select custom range on the window level and set it to: From: now To: now+1y I get the result I want and the graph shows the data in the coming year.
However, I want to set this time range only for a specific panel, and the only thing I manage to do on the panel time setting is to set it to a time range in the past.
Any way to make this work?
Screen Shot 2020-05-08 at 11.17.45

Hi @benny3! It seems that using +1y in relative range works.:slightly_smiling_face: As you can see below, from time is now and until time is 1620766911 which is exatly in year.

Not sure why I didn’t try this way…

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