How to override default time range

my grafana version is 6.1.4.
i need earch graph on the dashboad use the different time range .
search on the internet:

set in the time range tab.

but in my grafana ,there is no such tab. who can help me ,my god …

Hi @ danielgonzalez …I am sorry but I can not see where you enter the time period for the chart.
I see posts that say “at the end” but can you pls. be more specific as i can not see where this is.

Can you pls. specify and perhaps include a picture?

Sorry, I am not normally this thick - but this is very frustrating.

Hello devros

With the parameter ‘relative time’ and ‘time shift’ you can control the time period of the panel. But for this to work, you must set the global time in relative, what you have at all, what I mean, that you should put something like:
The last month.

Look at the documentation.