How do I set the Override Time Range with the new Panel Editor UI in v6.0?

In the past I’ve created a Graph panel and had several tabs to configure the graph. The UI looked like this screenshot I took from the online docs

After re-install Grafana under Debian on a Raspberry Pi3 (armhf), the UI seems to have changed and now looks different.

How do I get back to the tabbed look? I want to have a Dashboard time range as This Month so Far but Override some panels to Last 6 Hours

The versions I’m running are
Grafana v6.0.1
Graph Plugin v5.0

Thank you

For now I’ve rolled back to Grafana v5.4.3

Isn’t it at the bottom of the query tab?

Yeah it’s down there. Thank you! I was confused because I was looking for the word Override.

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