Series override with Queries

Hi - I am new to Grafana.
I do not understand, how the “Alias or Regex” field for Series overrides work.
What I want is basically the same as has been asked on this thread

I have two queries:

the first should be displayed with parameters different to the second - heres my overrides:

Strings that I have tried to input into the Series overrides ‘Alias or reges’ field:

  • B or /B/ or /.*B/ - the name of the Query
  • registration_id or /registration_id/ or /.*registration_id/ - the name/alias of the id field

Trying to add some hacky looking platform || "registration_id" as "metric" into the queries doesn’t work either, this will just get the following error

column metric must be of type CHAR, VARCHAR, TINYTEXT, TEXT, MEDIUMTEXT, LONGTEXT. metric column name: metric type: INT but datatype is

If however I input /.*/ into the ‘Alias or regex’ field, the overrides of course work - but both for the first and second query.

Against what exactly is the ‘Alias or regex’ field even compared?
What do I have to do to make the override work with the second query only?

Hi @iari

Are you still encountering this issue? What version are you using? The value mapping logic changed a lot in Grafana 8

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