Alias name for the values returned by the mysql query on grafana


I am trying to display a alias name for the values returned by the query which is using mysql group by on 2 parameters.Suppose say the query returns 4 different values(curves) then how do i give them an alias name in grafana.example query

select max(Value) as s,cast(ts as signed integer) as time from db.table where ts > ‘1603879200’ AND serialNo=‘60’ group by ID,ts

using grafana 6.7.3 with mysql

Does this help:

Thankyou for the response. I was trying to name the reponse from the query.I have used group by so it returns n number of values.I am able to display the graph but with only one alias name.It is hovever possible to do it using a seperate query suppose i want to display a plot returned by the query as alice or mary and so on.In your eg you have achieved it using 3 different panels…I want to achieve it in one panel with the cpu utilization for alice,mary in one panel with thier plot name below.Hope you get my point.

This is exactly what i am trying to achieve