Having incorrect alias name

Hi all,

I have 3 series in influxdb, with same fields, and I would like to have possiility to display / hide series individually on a graph.

As we can’t hide serie without entering in configuration and select ‘eye’ for hide a query, I have tried to use only 1 query for displaying my 3 series (only 1 tag changes)

Query I use is :

SELECT sum(/^$series$/) FROM “gmv” WHERE “country” =~ /^$country$/ AND $timeFilter GROUP BY time($inter,4d) fill(none)

“series” is for me custom template where I have 3 values : ca,ca_a_year_ago,ca_two_years_ago

With this query, it works, and I select queries with multi-values option for templating.
My problem is I would like to display correct name of my variable ‘series’ on my graph.

I have tried $series and $tag_series in alias, but alias displayed for 3 series is the same, {ca,ca_a_year_ago,ca_two_years_ago}

I would like to display specific alias for each serie

Does anyone has an idea ? (or know another way to display/hide queries) ?



Try $m for measurement (the influxdb term for table )

thanks for reply @torkel
But in my case, “series” are not measurements, but fields keys.