Wanted to pint dynamic alias name


Is it possible to set dynamic alias name in grafana ?

I am using influxdb with grafana, I am using below matric query in grafana

SELECT mean(“value”) FROM /DRWP_DEV_C121_w121.*.org.apache.cassandra.metrics.ColumnFamily.all.TombstoneScannedHistogram.max/ GROUP BY time([[interval]])

the problem is, if i am not providing alias name then it is giving graph name very long.
and if suppose i provide the alias name in the alias tab then it is not working as dynamic.
showing same name for all.

It will be great help if you suggest me how will i do alias dynamic. :slight_smile:



Please see alias patterns documentation for influxdb.

Basically if you have tags stored for host (or other stuff) you’ll want to use $tag_host or [[tag_host]] instead of [[host]].