Use Variables as dynamic Alias

I’m using the cloudwatch plugin and trying to display multiple CPU graphs for a specific tag. I can get it to work but the names aren’t useful as it’s just the IDs.
My two variables are:
$InstanceId - ec2_instance_attribute(us-west-1, InstanceId, { “tag:CustomerName”: [ “MyCustomer” ] })

$InstanceName - ec2_instance_attribute(us-west-1, Tags.Name, { “instance-id” : [ “$InstanceId” ] })

This works, I can get $InstanceName back for a single Variable. And I can get it to display one or more of my instances in a graph for my tag.

But as you can see is the alias needs to be changed to {{InstanceId}} to get anything but CPUUtilization for the legend. What I want is to use $InstanceName and replace the InstanceIds but I can’t figure out how to get it to work.

FYI if I reverse the name and IDs as variables I can’t get the multi-select to work.

Thanks for any help!