Trying to get multi value selection configured for variable in Cloudwatch EC2 dashboard

I am using Cloudwatch data source and trying to get multiple EC2 servers graph in a single panel. I am using region, instanceid and instance name as variables. Everything works fine if I have single value selection configured. it gives me specific server’s graph based on instance id and/or instance name. my variables looks like,

$region regions()
$instancename ec2_instance_attribute($region, Tags.Name, {})
$instanceid ec2_instance_attribute($region, InstanceId, {“tag:Name”: ["$instancename"]})

I am trying to configure it multi value to selected in instance name and I want to have all selected server’s graph in that panel. I tried couple of things but didn’t get working. This is working if I do only with instance id and region. I can select specific region and inside that region I can select multi values in instance id variables. it gives me all those instances graph. but it’s not working when I choose instance name. I tried instance name alone without instance id. I can see api is getting all instances name in preview but it’s not giving any data points. so I think I do need to have instance id configured as multi value enabled variables and depends on it, I need to get instance name fo reach of selected instance id. I am guessing I need regex for this? can someone please help me on this?

I tried with only instance id and it’s working,
$region regions()
$instanceid ec2_instance_attribute($region, InstanceId, {}) - Multi value enabled

Now, I need to get $instancename variable with multi-value enabled. can’t get it working. can someone please help?

Thanks in advance!

dang… I’m trying to get this working as well but can’t seem to figure it out. It breaks when all or multi-value is enabled.