Cloudwatch Data Source, Using variables to filter other resources

Im working with the cloudwatch plugin, and have been playing with variables to control the selection of what is displayed. For example, its pretty easy to setup a dashboard so that it has a region variable, and ECS ClusterName variable, and based on the selections of these first two entries, it shows a microservice drop down list.

My challenge now, is using only the cloudwatch plugin, can I make a dashboard where I can relate metrics from different resources.

As an example of what I mean, I’d like to have a dashboard that shows the ECS Cluster resource utilization, memory utilization, and say ALB RequestCount.

As the cluster name is something like:
and the ALB name is something like

I’ve tried creating a regex variable based on the first part of the cluster name, and that part works. But if I try and use that to select the Load Balancer name, that is giving me some trouble. I tried setting the regex variable to hidden, but thinking it would still update the LoadBalancer name based on the selected ECS cluster name, however that appears to not be the case.

Has anyone done this type of thing using the cloudwatch plugin? I’ve searched online and not found any examples. I saw this, and the ideas are similar, but would need applied to CW.


As an update, I have it mostly working, in that I have to manually select the prefix and then I can get the ALBs to show in another drop down.

So, I select region, select ClusterName, Select the Prefix, and then that populates the LoadBalancer Name var. Ultimately I’d like the Prefix variable to auto-select based off what is selected in the ClusterName.